LandEscape: Finding / 寻找


Three years ago, I unconsciously embarked on this psychological journey of self-seeking. Placing myself in the wilderness, through the act of gazing, I tried to understand the contradictions in life that couldn’t be resolved. In the wilderness, all things were estranged. When I stared at them, I became lost in the harmony of confusion and contemplation, wandering in awe, smallness, and untethered feeling. I stared at them as if staring at myself, trying to figure out the answer, but never succeeded. However, I started to realize that the thing I was seeking in the wilderness is, indeed, non-existent. That is the desire from the heart. Yet, this journey of self-seeking is eternal.

"The truth that was taken as a creed is found to be an absurdity of life,
The time of awakening is the time of departure.
He embarked on a journey into the wilderness,
Start finding.”

© Xuemeng Li, 2024